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Ginzametrics SEO Software Integrates with SEOmoz

Ginzametrics, an enterprise-level SEO software device, is now integrating with SEOmoz’s Website Intelligence Service API. Via the API, Ginzametrics now offers comprehensive metrics on more than 58 billion pages and over 617 billion links.

Ginzametrics is utilizing the SEOmoz API as a complement to its personal intelligence data platform. Links to customer sites are becoming actively re-crawled in order to create customized suggestions for hyperlink building efforts also as in-depth reporting and alerts. Enterprise clients are receiving the first entry towards the SEOmoz-driven data, with all Ginzametrics customers gaining entry within the coming weeks.

Launched in early 2010, Ginzamarkets offers the Ginzametrics Search engine optimization dashboard for mid-size and enterprise level clients. Ginzametrics presents complicated data into actionable recommendations on a page-by-page basis. The total answer covers all aspects of Search engine optimization which includes server configuration, broken hyperlink notifications, improved crawling and granular keyword suggestions. For much more information, visit www.ginzametrics.com.

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